TrueTap Pink Double-Hinged Corkscrew

TrueTap Double-Hinged Corkscrews on Sale Now; Save $6

  • $2.49
  • Save $6.01

Show your support for the 'Love Pink' Campaign, or add some variety to your collection with our TrueTap Double-Hinged Corkscrews.

Pink TrueTap Corkscrew

The pink variety has a bright shell which blends perfectly with its stainless steel fulcrum, foil cutter, and bottle opener.  The underside of this wine key is defined by a black Teflon cork worm and handle lining.

Double-Hinged TrueTap Corkscrew

Resilient and steadfast, these TrueTap Double-Hinged Corkscrews boast thick, semi-gloss layers of paint over strong metal frames – insuring their cosmetic and structural integrity for years to come.  And two additional makes of equal quality are found in OXO Waiter's Corkscrews and the Epic Murano Corkscrew.

Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Stainless steel bottle openers are precisely indented to make the removal of twist tops a cinch.  And equally useful are the 1-inch, serrated foil knives that can also be used to breach a variety of paper and plastic wrappers around the kitchen or bar areas.

Corkscrew Foil Cutter

Yet perhaps the most valuable feature of our TrueTap Double-Hinged Corkscrews are the 2-step process by which they pull out wine bottle corks.  Because unlike 'manual' wine keys, the double-hinged action has been proven to reduce stress on the wine bottle neck, thus drastically reducing the risk of breakage.

Corkscrew Wine

Not to mention, these double-hinged wine openers requires minimal force to operate, and are readily accessible to virtually anyone of age to use it.  We have them starting at only $2.49, which equates to more than 70% off if purchased new; so make one – or all of our cheap corkscrews – yours today and remember to always Love Pink!

Waiters Corkscrew


Unextended Product Weights and Dimensions:

5" x 0.5" x 1"  (L x W x H);
3 Ounces.