OXO Waiters Corkscrew

OXO Waiter's Corkscrew on Sale Now; Take 55% Off

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OXO Waiter's Corkscrews have proven to be some of the most reliable and effective wine openers around.  The OXO brand is most famous for its 'Good Grips' line of kitchen tools; although, the quality of this manual corkscrew is no secret amongst wine enthusiasts everywhere.
OXO Manual Corkscrew
Constructed of a solid, non-slip plastic exterior and bright red finish, this OXO Waiter's Corkscrew is impressive in both its look and feel.  (A similar-quality version of this one is found in our waiter's blue corkscrew.)  Weighing in at a solid 3.5 ounces, this wine key rests securely in most any hand, which gives confidence when removing the most stubborn of corks.  And equally noteworthy is the cleverly-curved, serrated foil knife that makes quick work of every wine bottle wrapper we've tested it on.
OXO Wine Bottle Opener There's no doubt that this model of the multifaceted line of OXO Corkscrews is a solid choice for those looking for a quality product at a discount.  We also have a large selection of TrueTap Double-Hinged Corkscrews, if you'd like a few 2-step wine openers as well.
 OXO Plastic Corkscrew 
And as a wholesale OXO wine corkscrew supplier, our stock is very gently used with virtually no cosmetic flaws whatsoever; the functionality of these tools are like new at worst.  So if you've been curious about the quality and/or durability of an OXO Waiter's Corkscrew, then we encourage you to give it a try as it's one of the more well-built wine keys in its class.  
Red OXO Corkscrew