Hotel ZaZa Corkscrew

Hotel ZaZa Corkscrew for Under $1.00

  • $0.99
  • Save $5

Perfect as either a gift or personal souvenir, this Hotel ZaZa Corkscrew has been made for transport.  Elegant and lightweight, you'll welcome this sleek wine key to your (ground) travel bag.

Stay Hotel ZaZa Houston Corkscrew

And its glistening stainless steel fulcrum, bottle opener, and foil knife provide a hint of class for those in its possession.  An unbranded, slightly different type in this class is our stylish sommelier corkscrew with the same color pattern.

Sommelier Style Black Corkscrew

Also cast of brilliant stainless steel is its five-turn cork worm, which rests securely on the underside of the handle.

Plastic Sommelier Wine Key

Speaking of which, this 4.25" Hotel ZaZa Corkscrew comes with a high-density plastic frame and solid metal underlining.  An effortless fold out of its 2-inch foil knife cuts wine bottle linings and everyday kitchen wrappers alike.

2-Inch Sommelier Foil Knife

Simple and straightforward, this Hotel ZaZa Corkscrew is a bargain at only $0.99.  And given the ultra-luxury, 4-star hotel from which it comes, you'd be lucky to buy a Kleenex for under a buck around there.  To see wholesale pricing for this and lots of other quality wine bottle openers, then visit our cheap corkscrews page.

Sommelier Fulcrum and Cork Worm


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