Epic Murano Corkscrew on Sale Now; Save $8

Epic Murano Corkscrew on Sale Now; Save $8

  • $4.49
  • Save $8

This burgundy and gray, Double-Lever Epic Murano Corkscrew is one of the more fun varieties on the market. With a stainless steel bottle opener, fulcrum, and foil knife, the Murano wine key has an intriguing design and color pattern. Its deep burgundy handle – made of solid metal and durable plastic – is complemented handsomely by its gray rubber underside and black, Teflon cork worm.

Murano Soft Grip Corkscrew

And it's surprising that it only weighs slightly under 2.5 ounces, given its sturdy composition and strong 'hand feel.'  Much of this weight is attributed to the brilliant stainless steel features, which give one confidence when opening a twist-top bottle, removing a stubborn wine cork, or making quick work of the foil lining on your favorite blend.  

Double Lever Epic Murano Corkscrew

So the Double-Lever Epic Murano Corkscrew is a fine accessory which is equally suited for waiters, waitresses, or home use.  It's also easy to clean, while at the same time being difficult to blemish.  Widely used throughout its home country of Italy, we're delighted to offer such a fine corkscrew at a great price.

Murano Double Lever Corkscrew

At just $4.49 (plus only $2 flat-rate shipping for your entire order), you can make this 4-tone, all-in-one, Epic Murano Corkscrew yours for about 50% less than found elsewhere!  Related to this product is our dual-colored, rubber grip black and grey corkscrew.

Burgundy Murano Corkscrew