Double Hinged Soft Touch Corkscrew

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This Double-Hinged Soft Touch Corkscrew Has Good Look and a Great Feel


Our double-hinged soft touch corkscrew from Chalone Vineyard is comfortable to use and easy to control.  Its handsome black rubber handle and Teflon cork worm match perfectly with its classic, stainless steel bottle opener and foil knife.

Black Rubber and Stainless Steel Corkscrew

And the white-lettered, Chalone Vineyard branding on the outer handle adds to the aesthetic appeal of the wine key.  (To view a two-toned variation of this model, then see our double-lever Epic Murano Corkscrew.)

Chalone Vineyard Wine Key

What's more is that this vineyard is in many ways unique, given its Bay Area location farther south than the more prominent ones in Sonoma and Napa Valley.  This results in the production of some well-respected wines, which benefit from the ideal weather patterns of this region of California.  So it's no surprise that this sleek, double-hinged soft touch corkscrew bears the name of such a grand operation.

Rubber Handle Bottle Opener

While there may be some scepticism about how effective soft touch corkscrews are, it's unfounded with respect to this one.  

Soft Touch Black Corkscrew

Frequent Use is no Problem for This Double-Hinged Soft Touch Corkscrew


Driving into a tough, composition cork can get uncomfortable with standard wine bottle openers – especially for those who do so repeatedly. So this 3-in-1, double-hinged soft touch corkscrew would be great for waiters or waitresses who want to perform their duties as comfortably as possible.  And in that same vein, we have loads of cheap corkscrews for restauranteurs and others who need large quantities of solid wine openers.

Soft Touch Sea Horse Corkscrew

The stainless steel foil cutter is also a bit thicker and more brawny than others and can be used independently where appropriate.  So all in all, it's hard to go wrong with this durable wine key priced at only $1.99 — don't miss out and make it yours today!