Cheapest Color Laser Printer

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Buy the cheapest color laser printer on This discount workgroup printer boasts a quick page output for both color and black and white documents.

Dell 1320c Black Cartridge

So if you've been looking for good quality cheap laser printers, then this Dell 1320c should be on your shortlist. Relatively lightweight at under 38 pounds, this handsome two-tone publisher can be moved swiftly and without hassle around your office. It also has ample media support capabilities, with its standard 205-sheet bottom-fed tray; yet an even more convenient feature is its front-feed, single-sheet loader which saves you precious time when printing only a few sheets at a time.

Technology in the Cheapest Color Laser Printer 

Cheap Color Laser Printer

The Dell 1320c might hold the title for being the cheapest color laser printer, but that has zero bearing on its performance. Because like clockwork, you can rely on this office companion to deliver high-quality results with its 2400 Image Quality (IQ) technology. This impressive attribute delivers crisp color definition and precise contrasts which will make your documents shine.

Dell 1320c Fuser

You'll feel confident as ever when handing in that monthly sales report, market analysis, or anything else coming out of this Dell 1320c. And don't be surprised if you're asked whether you've sent your work to commercial laser printers because the print quality is just that good.

Dell 1320c Imaging Drum

What's more is that troubleshooting network printers can often be quite frustrating, but with Dell's comprehensive system management functionality – which can be accessed and downloaded online – makes managing toner levels and printer health a breeze.

Laser Printer Toner


Paper Options for the Dell 1320c

One of the main concerns when discount shopping online for cheap color laser printers is paper tray capacity, as many have inadequate bins in which to store blank sheets. So it was a pleasant surprise to encounter the Dell 1320c's deeper-than-average tray, which allows for large jobs to be run through without interruption.

Windows Printer Test PageColor Laser Printer Settings

Whether it be a Japanese Post Card, A4, Folio, or Executive paper entries, this discount color laser printer has you covered. It also supports all the most popular forms of printer paper like envelopes, labels, recycled, plain, and even coated varieties.


Power, Memory, and Toner for the Cheapest Color Laser Printer 

Power consumption on this workgroup printer is minimal, as its energy-star rating keeps its peak draw to only 265 watts.

Dell Color Laser Printer 1320c

Its network processor is commendable at 333 megahertz and which will benefit you when sending multiple jobs to it in succession; also helpful in this regard is its 64 megabyte of random access memory (RAM) that allows the unit to accept a larger-than-average batch of commands without bogging down.

Yet perhaps most beneficial about our Dell 1320c for sale is that, unlike the majority of inkjet printer cartridges, the color laser printer toner included is of high capacity and efficient.

Dell 1320c Cyan Cartridge

You obviously won't be quite as worry free as an when using, say, a Dymo inkless printer, but frequent toner cartridge replacement should not be necessary.

Laser Printer Ink Cartridge Door

All four authentic dell printer ink cartridges (black, magenta [red], cyan [blue], yellow) are included in this unit, so you're all set with toner for a while.

Dell 1320c Magenta Cartridge

Dell 1320c Yellow Cartridge

So at only $301 shipping included, you'll feel great about making this cheapest color laser printer yours today.


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