Capitano Waiters Corkscrew

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The Capitano Waiter's Corkscrew is unique in both its size and design. Often used by professional waiters and waitresses, these sleek corkscrews are also favored by sommeliers, too.  Capitano does well to combine the essential functions of a good bottle opener into one convenient tool, which has a strong resistance to breakage and scratching.  

Franmara Capitano Corkscrew

Constructed of durable plastics, the glossy black exterior makes a welcome complement to other kitchen utensils.  And when it comes down to what's most important in a corkscrew, the Capitano Waiter's does not disappoint.  In addition to its sleek look and slim frame, this fully-functional corkscrew has resilient hinges, a stainless steel foil cutter, and a strong stainless steel worm that uncorks most bottles of wine in about 5 turns.  (And for a logoed version of this model, check out our Hotel Crescent Court Corkscrew.)

4-in-1 Franmara Capitano Corkscrew

You can generally find Franmara Capitano Corkscrews for about $8.00 in good condition, but of course, our pledge of being a true discount and wholesale shop means that we have it for less.  Priced at only $2.99 – with a flat rate of $2.00 shipping on your entire order – you can likely buy 2 of ours for the price of 1 delivered from most other merchants.
Capitano Black Corkscrew
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Stainless Steel Capitano Bottle Opener